Super Ethan’s Jollibee Party


My son ETHAN is now four! He just had his birthday at Jollibee Metropolitan in Macapagal last January 15. The party went well and my celebrant seemed so happy. I just realized how comfortable and easy it was to celebrate a party in Jollibee. This was the only party of my kids that I didn’t get so tired. Last party I just organized was my daughter’s swimming party and I was so dead tired! From invitations, tarpaulins, host hunting, balloon decors, party favors and food utensils, gosh! I was so tired and exhausted not to mention that I was also the photograher! But It’s alright coz you know what? That is actually what I wanted, to handle everything. I love making lootbags, give aways, souvenirs and invitations. Since I also love balloon twisting and decors, I also did it myself but since time is really not enough, my brother was  there helping me.

This time, I thought of celebrating it in fast food were most of the things needed in party was there already. Invites, lootbags, decors, balloons, cakes, hosting etc. And after the event, itw as like nothing happened. Everything was there but I chose not to get loot bags and cake from them for some reason so those are the things I did 1 week before the birthday. The only thing that is hard to do is during payment LOL. Just kidding.

SO there, the party is over and my son was really happy! Thanks to all the guests who came and celebrated with us no matter how far the location was. That’s one of my problem since November, the location. There are lots of Jollibee in every area but I chose Jollibee Metropolitan and anither option was McDonalds North because of the playland. Good thing I chose Jollibee over McDonalds coz I was surprised how Ethan loved Jollibee. It’s all worth it.

Here’s some of the pics of my Ethan, I will post the whole party experience in MY LITTLE ANGELS blog soon.

Ethan and his CAKE

Ethan loves JOLLIBEE

Super EThan with his SUPER GRANNIES

Super EThan with his guests

Jollibee and Kids

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5 thoughts on “Super Ethan’s Jollibee Party”

  1. Hello Jes. Visiting from the PMB group on FB! Added you to my blogroll so I can bloghop more often. 🙂 Happy birthday to your Ethan! Looks like he had a fun party!

  2. kids will forever remember that special day in their life.. ganitong age talaga, kakatuwa, super nag eenjoy sila lalo sa mga mascots esp si jollibee.. sulit ang pagod pag nakita natin masaya mga bata.. happy birthday EThan!

  3. Mas ok nga magcelebrate ng party pag sa mga places like Jollibee or McDo ginawa. Less hassle sa preparation and d rin gano nakakapagod. 🙂

  4. Kids usually love Jollibee more than McDo, hehe! 🙂 That was a nice decision not getting loot bags from them kasi minsan hindi sulit yung price and you have a choice to give the kids more useful, or cuter items at a lower price. 🙂

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