“How can you face your problem if your problem is your face?”, this is one of our old lines of joke during college.

It was kinda funny for us coz we were actually referring to ugly faces. We were not criticizing people, we were actually using the lines to each other, my friends during college. My topic is actually not related to that line, I just remembered this line while having some free pampering at “Make up Workshop”  by MUD (Makeup Designory) with Reiva Cruz the lead make up artist of MUD in New York. Some of my co-mommy bloggers attended the workshop and had FREE facial by AHAVA. The workshop is quite short but enough to learn the “smoky eye” technique by Ms. Reiva Cruz.

Workshop Ongoing…

Ms. Cruz and Me

I wish I have this –>>

I am not the type of woman who always puts make up every time I go out, what I usually applies to my face is blush on for my complexion is so pale and some eyeliner to make my eyes dilated.  But I feel like a wannabe make up artist not just for myself but for my daughter also so I should learn how to put make up and make myself ‘more’  beautiful all day and teach my daughter too when she reach the right age.

After the workshop, AHAVA Dead Sea Cosmetics introduced their products and gave us free pampering. They gave FREE hand massage, basic facial and some mask applications.

AHAVA products

I tried their Mud Mask for dry skin. I love it even I just had my FACIAL in Let’s Face it the day before that workshop, I felt like more moisturized than ever! Hahahahha! I love the mud mask. Their products were easy to use, you don’t have to prick coz we all know pricking is not quite pampering at all! 😛 Their products can be Do-It-Yourself  at home. So nice, I wanted to buy and try it to my husband soon. 😀

And ofcourse after all of these things, mommy bloggers didn’t forget to have some bonding time, so sad they can’t stay late so we part ways after some pictorials in Serendra.

Mommy Bloggers

Special thanks again to Nora for being with me so early in Bonifacio Heights. Had our very heavy LUNCH date @ Gerry’s Grill and after the workshop, we ate very yummy shawarma! Yum yum! What a nice day with you my friend!

‘Till next time!