Got A New Pair of Grendha Shoes :D


What a beautiful start of the year, I’ve got a new pair of Grendha Shoes from BAMBU store today!

It’s my first time to visit BAMBU store today before kids and I watched “Si Agimat at si Enteng Kabisote” at Trinoma.

I used my GC worth of Php1299 grendha products from ELRO Commercial & Industrial Corporation. Remember our “Mommy Bloggers’ Christmas party at Legend? This is what I’ve got in a raffle!! Yes, Lucky Me! ALl of us got a gifts from the raffle but I feel so lucky to have this grendha gc! I am not into expensive shoes and it’s an opportunity to have one! I chose this gray close shoes, it’s os cute, I actually want also the brown one but  I have to chose only one so I chose gray 😛

This shoes is worth 1699 so I just addedPhp400! When I saw the prices I was like “Oh gosh, it’s expensive”  my budget for shoes when I am shopping for one is upto php1000 only. Thank goodness I am the lucky winner of this GC hahahah! I am so happy! 😀

More blessings to come for this year to all of us! Cheers!

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7 thoughts on “Got A New Pair of Grendha Shoes :D”

  1. Nice pair, Jes! You know what? Grendha shoes and slip-ons are really stylish; I already have two Grendha pairs, and I’m planning to buy more, that is, when I have more moolah. Happy New Year!

  2. hahhaha!! yeah i love their shoes and it’s different from any other shoes, i dunno what kind of material their using but its so comfy talaga! im planning to get ipanema slip ons for me and my daughter ;D

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