Ever since I became a MOM, I was so paranoid in every possible danger to my kids. I was researching every possible diseases that kids could possibly get in our world. Good thing there were experts like their pediatrician always giving me advice and of course giving me list of vaccines that will protect my kids from diseases.  Since I am very paranoid, I am really giving them every vaccines available till now even they are already 5 and 4 years old. Yes they have to complete them all and the boosters coz in our generation, there’s no one safe even  you are young or old. I was hoping they will be protected with the help of that vaccine and of course with the guidance of our Dear Lord. And of course as a responsible parent, I can’t be able to protect my kids if I am not protecting myself too. I am also visiting my OB Gynecologist and my husband is having his annual executive check up. It’s right to protect ourselves so we could protect our love ones especially our kids.

I was actually planning also to have an anti CERVICAL cancer shots but since I kept on thinking about the schedules of shot, 0-2-6  meaning after the first shot, the second schedule will be after 2 months then the 3rd schedule is on the sixth month from the date of your 1st shot. I was worried that It would be useless if I fly to US early next year and not finish it. But good thing I was able to attend an event last friday about “HPV Infections” and learn more about it from Dra. Jennifer Co, who spoke about HPV Infections last Friday @ Citi Top, Makati.  At first I am not aware how CERVICAL CANCER could possibly affect me and where could I possibly get it but but since, like what I’ve said I am paranoid,  I really wanted to have it without knowing facts about it first. So I took this opportunity to ask Dra, Co about my situation that what if I was not able to finish my 3rd shot because I am soon be going to US, she said that its okay to have my 3rd shot delayed than advance, so If ever after a year and I will be able to come back to the Philippines, I can be able to continue it. But If ever I couldn’t make it in a year, I can just have my shot in other country since these vaccines are available in any country. I am really afraid of having any diseases so I think I should have this vaccine. I am really glad I attended this kind of event. Thanks Lace for the invites and thanks to MSD for hosting this event.

Aside from CERVICAL CANCER, there are also other diseases Dra. Co have tackled that caused by HPV. I can’t elaborate them all here so please visit HPV.COM.PH to learn more about it!

Start saying NO to HPV!  There were many preventions to stop these diseases. Exercise PROPER HYGIENE, and get VACCINATED! There are two different vaccines available now. This vaccine is not only for WOMEN but also for MEN to prevent other diseases aside from CERVICAL CANCER. Remember, Prevention is better than Cure!

To learn more about HPV infections, PREVENTIONS, and TREATMENTS, please visit HPV.COM.PH!!!