Last Christmas is another wonderful christmas we have as a family! We may not be together this year’s christmas, I’m sure we will still be happy coz we are all in each others heart.Β  I will try not to be sad this christmas…I will try to be happy and make it another wonderful christmas for us (teary eye).

Every Christmas, we were celebrating our Christmas Eve @ QC or TONDO with FIL’s only sister and ofcourse with her Mom (Lola Tuhod as My Kids adress her). Last year we were in Tandang Sora QC. It was fun evening. My kids enjoyed the christmas lights in the house as well as in the other houses in the village. It was so CHRISTMAS in there! This year, I’m sure we will be there again and I am looking forward to that.

Ishi and cousin Julia before our ‘NOCHE BUENA’

Me and my husband camwhoring before midnight stikes πŸ˜› Oh I miss him….how I wish we were together as family but thats impossible…we just have to sacrifice some moemnts like this and soon we will be together …so Β soon.

Kids enjoying the lights around the village πŸ™‚

This is me, and my angels before Christmas…..

Daddy, Me and Ethan

Our happy Christmas Eve Pic before going to Tita Lita’s House in QC

Christmas doesn’t end in that, the most exciting part is when you wake up in the morning and prepare for giving and receiving gifts.

Yearly we were like having a reunion in the house, husband’s cousins were all here every 25th in the morning giving each other’s gifts. Kids smiles where everywhere. I am always preparing two garbage bags for my kids.

Here are my kids striking their pose with the gifts before giving them away πŸ™‚

and they grabbed theirs already πŸ™‚

Family Pic again! πŸ˜€

another shot..

and last shot of Picture Trippings πŸ™‚

This is how our “sala’ looks every christmas day…others were not there yet.

Look at Ishi’s bags of gifts, the others were she’s about to give away and the other plasctic was the gifts she received.

My KIDS first set of Gifts πŸ˜€

Ethan’sΒ  Christmas Gifts

Ishi’s Christmas Gifts

Ishi picked her favorite..

and so was EThan πŸ™‚

See how wonderful CHRISTMAS every year?! I am hoping we could still have Β as wonderful as this especially for my kids and I am more hoping for Christmas 2012! πŸ˜€