Merry Christmas to all of you my dear fellow mommies!! It’s been a while and we’re talking another christmas time again! It’s great to celebrate christmas with you guys here in Blogosphere! I am so Glad I have friends here. 😀

mommy moments

I wasn’t able to join last week’s theme so I am inserting some post here about ‘gift giving’ theme 😀

So what’s up for Christmas?! I can’t put on the title “perfect christmas” coz we all know hubby is far away from us and it’s our first time to celebrate christmas apart. For me it’s a Happy Christmas but not a perfect one. 🙁

Oh don’t worry I am not that sad. We will chat with him later and greet each other a merry christmas! 😀

Merry christmas to all of us, may the spirit of christmas be with us!

And finally I am ready for christmas gift giving and my balloon christmas tree is up!

My son Ethan is my no. 1 fan, he’s always requesting of a picture with my creation 😀

I am always excited how we celebrate our christmas yearly. How Ishi and Ethan together with their cousins exchange gifts every 25th in the morning. My kids are always excited to give gifts and open their gifts. They have their wishes but i didn’t make a wishlist anymore, we we’re just wishing and praying it would come 😀

There! MERRY Christmas to all!