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Hi there MOMMIES!!! I missed Mommy Moments for 2 weeks!! And now I’m back….from outer space! LOL

the mommy journey

I am so happy! I don’t know exactly why but I am really happy and excited today! Just sharing! (…la….)

So….christmas tree….My 3 year old christmas tree was no longer with me..I already give it to my brother after we used it last year. I did not buy a new one this year so I decided to create my unique christmas tree. I am planning to make a Balloon Christmas tree..ill be posting it soon!

Here’s our Christmas Tree last year…

We already have christmas tree downstairs (in our living room) but I am still making our own inside the room for my kids. I want our own because I want to put the gifts there we wrapped for our love ones and friends.

My kids love it! 🙂

They are the ones putting up our Christmas tree every year except for this year.

Wanna share your christmas tree with us? Join Mommy Moments!

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10 thoughts on “MM : Christmas Tree”

  1. Wow naman, balloon Christmas tree! I like it, I’ll be back here to check it out, Jes!

    Uy, di ako makakapunta sa Parteeh! I have to go to the ortho/surgeon for a check-up. Sakit bones sa legs ko e. I hope you all enjoy the parteeh!

    Take care, Jes!

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