“I wanna to back to Legend Hotel”  this is what my daughter Ishi said after we experienced staying there last time we had our Mommy Blogger’s Christmas Party. The Legend Villas, by the way, sponsored the venue for this event located at #60 Pioneer St., Corner Madison St..

It was my kids’ first time to enter a hotel and they were amazed with the surroundings. My daughter ishi keeps on saying it’s big, it’s nice and beautiful!  As for me I also loved the place, its so much like HOME. No wonder coz it’s 100% Filipino owned.

My  son and me enjoying the living room

My kids having fun in the bath tub

I love the interiors, my kids love the jacuzzi, and of course all of us mommies enjoyed the FREE Wi-fi!  . I will surely recommend this hotel to my fellow Filipinos in US when I get there soon.

My kids doesn’t want to leave LEGEND till they had a pic with it 😛

60 Pioneer corner Madison Streets, Mandaluyong City 1550