I know I am already getting so fat and my belly is getting bigger and bigger, last time I checked I gain 5 pounds when I stopped going to the gym this year. I am not busy, I just stopped for some reasons (FB is one, LOL)! Kidding aside, I was just maybe not in the mood to go to the gym. Aerobics is my form of exercise, It’s 3 times a day every morning. The schedule is kinda conflict, my kids’s school is 8 am and the aero class is 8 am also so I am sometimes going there late and I feel like I wasted some money already :P.

Now again, I am planning to lose weight for two consecutive months before I fly to US(goodluck to me!) I will challenge myself to go to the gym straight from Yesterday to End of February or till March. As much as possible I want a natural weight loss even if it takes a long time before I lose weight.

So Goodluck to me!!! 🙂 Will be posting my weight here next time! 🙂