Negative thoughts never had a positive outcome.

I hate negative thoughts, If only I could think of only positive thoughts through out my life I will surely not feeling so anxious right now. How come instead of thinking some positive thoughts, my mind is so dirty and imagining bad things or worst things immediately on some situations?  Mind is so powerful, it commands your body to react. Do you believe in instincts? If it’s instinct,you should have feel it first before you think of it right? But when your mind starts to think first before your heart feels something then that’s what I called negative thoughts and not instinct.

I am starting to think negatively when there’s some situations that is not right for me. Like when there are somethings that I used to see, do and used to expect in every hour of my life, okay I know that’s exaggerated  but of course you know when there is something not right happening isn’t it? I can’t explain some situations but I guess some of you could understand it somehow.

Just wanna share how I hate my mind! How it thinks. Sometimes we were reacting because we were stimulated, in my case sometimes I am thinking negative thoughts because some one or something has stimulated my mind.

I guess it’s normal to some people who have traumatic experience to sometimes feel paranoid. You can’t blame them.  It’s easier to forgive but forgetting is impossible!

To all negative thinkers, just leave it to GOD, I am leaving all my worries to God. I believe that EVIL is just conquering our mind and trying to destroy our faith. If I’ll let this happen, nothing GOOD will happen to me.

God please take all away my worries and clean my dirty mind!