National Holiday on November 16, 2010!


Malacanang declared earlier that November 16,2010, Tuesday, a Non working Holiday as celebration of Islamic Religious Holiday – Eid’l Adha through proclamation No. 60!
I missed Gloria adjusting the holidays for convenience LOLs. Somehow I know it’s not right but as for me as a Mom, I prefer if it is next to weekend so the kids would have long weekend 😉
But It’s alright, on the other hand, it is right to celebrate the said celebration on it’s exact date.
Oh, well that’s just my opinion 🙂

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2 thoughts on “National Holiday on November 16, 2010!”

  1. Haha! Yes nakakamiss nga kasi during GMA’s term when there is a holiday you’ll surely be expecting a long weekend. And masarap kasi madaming long weekend, longer time to relax 🙂

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