the mommy journey

Mommy Moments time once again!!

I was thinking about the theme and having a hard time thinking if I do have pics of my kids holding a shape, I was thinking of a toys etc.

But hey, I just need to use my imagination and most of the things they were holding in their pics has a shapes…so here’s mine –>

Ishi and Ethan  holding their album from artscow – 6*6 Photobook – it’s a square!

Ethan always asking me to take a photo of him with my balloon creations..oblong shape!

This was during our lunchdate with Bambie, Ethan was pointing to a cake in the menu – rectangle and triangle!

And here’s my Ishi last year holding the valentine bouquet  for their school registrar — heart shape! 🙂

So there’s my shapes, shapes, shapes!

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