I really had fun yesterday @ Seatle’s Best Coffee Greenbelt 3 with the bloggers! It was my 2nd official bloggers’ event and I have learned new stuff again!

I was again with my “twin” NORA of ‘More Than Just  a SAHM‘  and she patiently waited for me @ Buendia.  (Thanks buddy!)

Hooray coz we are not late! Just in time for the bloggers  having fun chit chatting and learning from each other about enhancements of blogs, etc. How I wish I picked some of those knowledge, but I am so overwhelmed that day that I can’t even choose what to do first, and I can’t even concentrate on eating my meal even how hungry I am and how yummy the food was.

Mommy Bloggers 😀

Our Drinks

Ofcourse we took our order first and while waiting for it, some of us were talking to each other, taking pictures, meeting new bloggers and some were experiencing the wonders of being Barista of Seatle’s Best Coffee. Some bloggers tried to create a coffee of their own and I am ONE of them! I was once became a BARISTA of  SEATLE’s BEST COFFEE and that was awesome experience!

I love coffee, I’ve been a drinker ever since.

Yesterday I experienced to make not just an ordinary coffee I’ve been making everyday but a special coffee of SBC  with the help of Abi, one of their very accommodating and smiley barista. I decided to make their new product – they have COOKIES and MINT Javakula and mocha but I prefer to have a cold coffee so I choose to make Javakula.

View my video here – – >  Barista Jes @ Seatle’s Best

(Me with my product – Cookies and Mint Javakula)

(My Trainor Abi and Me)

Aside from having this  awesome experience, I also enjoyed the mixture of oreo cookies and mint in a sip!

I find  every step hard to memorize  so I was wondering how these Barista manage to memorize them all.  Abi said it was easy for them already since Seatle’s Best Greenbelt 3 is a very peak store. Imagine them doing it everyday, even how plenty to choose from the menu, they are already expert in it. How I wish I could learn more!

I always LOVE clubhouse sandwich!

New!!! Cookies and Mint!

Go Bloggers!

Thank you for that wonderful experience! I also enjoyed my “clubhouse” light meal and Java Chip drink! 😀