Thank God we have passed our VISA Application today!

Here’s a photo taken before leaving the house, courtesy of my Mom in Law:

I was very tensed ever since I set an appointment,until the time of our interview. My two kids Ishi and EThan were there with me, we waited for 2 hours since we arrived two hours early. My kids are so “gulo”, they keep on running around and sometimes screaming.

Our interview goes well, the question and answer thing with me is shorter than the period I’ve waited for some verifications. The consul talked to the kids as well like “how are you kids?”, “how old are you” and some smiles.  The consul asked me about how long my husband has been there in US and where will I stay, he also asked for any thing that shows husband’s salary and so I showed him my hubby’s contract then I waited for a couple of minutes after then he told us to go to AIR 21 section  and pay for delivery of our passport. ;D

Hooray! I didn’t receive any paper!!! That means we passed! ;D Thank you Lord!

So, that’s the second step, third step – Booking.