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Haha nice theme….jumpshot!! =)

When I read this last week, I was thinking I don’t have much of this kind of shot. SO, now I am thinking to have some jumpshot next time when we visit parks again.

Here’s my kids first ever Jump shot last year…=)

Ethan can’t do high jump yet but he’s trying hahahaha!! They are so cute! I love it!

Here’s Daddy in his Kick Jump shot =P

And ME of course…=P

Share your Jump Shots with us here at Mommy Moments!

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7 thoughts on “MM : Jumpshot”

  1. wow ang galing…buti pa kau lahat may jumpshot…parang uso ata tong jumpshots these days….ala kaming jumpshot eh…ehehehe…thanks sa dalaw mami dear…glad to be here!

    Btw, you are invited to join my giveaway contest. Hope you can join us! Thanks….:)

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