MM: Hairstyles


mommy moments

Mommy Moments once again!

So hairstyle huh….ahm….let me check….


Here’s EThan in his daily Hair style =)

This is Ishi’s hairstyle most of the time. The easiest =)

This is another experiment hairstyle by me =)

This is her normal hair style =0

This is another hairstyle of braiding =)

Ishi in her “Three horn” hair style, she loves this hair style because of the movie “The Land Before Time”

This is her latest hair cut style- with the bangs =P

And this is when mommy has enough time in the morning before going to school =)

After school, this is her look =P

When we have no more time in the morning, I usually do this hair style just to prevent her hair falling on her face =)

And this hairstyle by Mom in Law =)

Mom in law usually does Ishi’s hairstyle when she’s around.

This is the latest before going to US EMBASSY this morning . When she’ wearing a dress she loves the pony tail hair style =) And My Son EThan here has also another kind of hair style – with bangs!

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  1. bagay kay ishi ang mahabang buhok gaya ng comment ni Chris kahit anong style pwede gawin unlike with short hairstyle. miss ko na rin i-braid buhok ng anak ko yung simpleng braid lang. 🙂

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