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Happy Mommy Moments Everyone!!

mommy moments

!Time for Blowing Bubbles!!

I don’t have much pics of them blowing bubbles, I only have these pics taken last month when we attended party in Timezone Glorrieta. My kids are fond of bubbles, they love it but I don’t want them playing at home coz it might cause accident. Our flooring is tiled so you know what it means, it’s slippery when wet, lol. They are allowed to play in the house butΒ  onlyΒ  in our terrace but I like it better if it’s outside like in the parks. πŸ˜‰

There’s Ishi (holding her bubbles) at Ethan’s back busy with dance revolution with the grannies πŸ˜‰

So there’s my entry! woohooo!!! See yah next time!

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10 thoughts on “MM: Blowing Bubbles”

  1. Your son is having loads of fun with his bubble toy. Ako naman I don’t let my son play with bubble toys so much because we don’t have space in our small condo unit. The only place he gets to blow bubbles is in the bathroom. LOL!

  2. me too i prefer that they play with bubbles outside the house coz it’s a little bit messy. thanks for the comment in my entry!

    btw, i like the new look of this blog.

  3. He sure looks like he’s having fun! Hindi rin pwede dito sa bahay ang bubbles kasi tiles din ang flooring. Delikado nga and messy rin after, kaya sa labas din naglalaro baby ko πŸ™‚

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