Finally I had a bangs now after having a hair spa yesterday.

Whats with the bangs that making me so happy? Lols. Yeah true it made me happy!

I was wanting it for a long time..I just can’t decide yet coz my beautician said it’s not ‘bagay’….but then I said so what? But still he insisted not to cut my hair coz according to him again, it’s more beautiful without a bangs.

(my pic a day before I had a bangs)

I went back again to him for hair  rebond, I asked them again to put me a bangs whether he likes it or not lols, unfortunately they can’t cut my hair because it undergone rebond lols. And so I waited like 2 months again…and here I am with the BANGS! Bwahahahahah! I’m getting crazy lols.

(My pics with Bangs)

Just loving my bangs!