What’s with the Bangs?

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Finally I had a bangs now after having a hair spa yesterday.

Whats with the bangs that making me so happy? Lols. Yeah true it made me happy!

I was wanting it for a long time..I just can’t decide yet coz my beautician said it’s not ‘bagay’….but then I said so what? But still he insisted not to cut my hair coz according to him again, it’s more beautiful without a bangs.

(my pic a day before I had a bangs)

I went back again to him for hair  rebond, I asked them again to put me a bangs whether he likes it or not lols, unfortunately they can’t cut my hair because it undergone rebond lols. And so I waited like 2 months again…and here I am with the BANGS! Bwahahahahah! I’m getting crazy lols.

(My pics with Bangs)

Just loving my bangs!

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One thought on “What’s with the Bangs?”

  1. Nice. 🙂 I want bangs din kaya lang kumukulot so okay na yung once at leats natahimik ako. Dapat lang po na iinsist nyo kasi in the end kung di man bagay at least you get what you want instead na you keep on wondering what would you look like having one. 🙂

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