I just watched movie again last Saturday night with my cousin at SM San Lazaro. I really love watching movies especially in cinemas. When hubby was still here in the Philippines, we used to download movies and watch at home during weekends, all day long. We we’re just watching movies in Cinemas when somebody invited us to watch. We both love watching, series nor movies. Oh now I am missing him again!

Anyways, since he’s not here right now, I’ve been bugging my cousin and some friends to watch movie with me even they are not a movie goer like me. Maybe they just wanted to join me because they can feel how bored and lonely I am hubby being not around.

SO there, we watched RESIDENT EVIL in 3d!I dunno how to describe the movie, all I can say is that I enjoyed it, I love the fighting scenes, the thrill in every minute of the movie, I am shouting every time I got scared lols. The best scene that really awakened my blood is when Michael Scofield (Wentworth Miller) of Prison Break showed up. Lols. That was so exciting. You have to watch it if you haven’t watched it yet!

Ay yay yay…wondering what will be the next movie I’m gonna watch next month! Lols.