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Whoa! I just realized, we haven’t celebrated Grannies Day ever yet! Hmmm…next time we will celebrate it! Afterall it’s worth celebrating for. It’s very nice to have Lola’s and Lolo’s in the family.

My kids are lucky to have strong and healthy grand parents in both side though I already have no Dad so they only have Lola in my side. Grannies are so deary with their APO’s. My kids are first Apos in my husband’s side. My in-laws loves my kids so much and I am very much happy seeing my kids enjoying their moments with their Grannies. =)

I have lots of pics in my HD but i can’t download it yet…here’s the latest pic of the grannies hubby’s side with Ishi playing dance dance revo!Cool Lola isn’t it? =)

Happy MM everyone! I miss blogging! =)

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4 thoughts on “MM : Grannies Day”

  1. Indeed our children are blessed for having their grannies at their side showing an infinite love & affection.
    Thanks for the visit sis,like you I missed blogging too & it’s really been a while.Happy MM to you too!:)

  2. Yes very loving ang grandparents when it comes to their apos. 🙂 I am lucky that I’ve seen my grandparents from both sides and grew up with them. 🙂 They spoil apos to the max.

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