I Wanna Watch Again!

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Ah boredom is really killing me so fast, if not with my my kids, I’m sure I’m crazy now! Lols. I think I have that tendency.

But anyways, there are so many movies coming up that I would love to watch like Harry POtter, Narnia and so many  more. One movie that’s already in cinemas is “Vampire Sucks” ,  I love comedy movies but I don’t think I’m gonna watch it in Cinema. I’ll rather save it for my kids and I’s “Tangled” movie date.

Ay yay yay…I wanna go out!

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One thought on “I Wanna Watch Again!”

  1. Oftentimes you can download na lang yung movies mas tipid pa. 🙂 Pero those na bongga ang visual effects, it’s worth it kahit mahal magwatch sa Cinema 🙂

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