Happy Birthday to me! Thanks to our Dear Lord for giving me another worth living happy and fulfilled life! My husband may not be here to celebrate with me, somehow I am lonely but I can feel that I am truly blessed. I am blessed having my two little angels and a loving and responsible husband.

Aside from requesting a Nikon D5000 SLR from my husband, we all know this is just a short term dream but I am thankful for HUSBAND promised to give me this, all I can wish for is to be with my husband soon. I just wanted my family to be together again. And I am hoping and praying for that.

My Birthday went well. I celebrated it with different set of friends and relatives. I had lunch date with my gym mates  during my real birthday and then I celebrated again with my relatives. That made me so happy, we enjoyed what my aunt cooked for me, I made treats and give away for kids, we enjoyed the ice cream, the cake my cousin Joan gave me, and the red wine.

Just wanna share some pics on my birthday celebrations….

Lunch Date with My Gym Mates (08/05)

This set of pics taken last August 7:

Kids and Mom

My Cousin Cris and Me on our Kiddie Party

My Guests

Blowing my Candles =P

Happy 29th Birthday To Me!

I also wish to celebrate it with my close friends but I have no more budget =)) Maybe next time.

My husband is soon gonna turn 28 this 14th of August.  How I wish we were there on his birthday but that’s not gonna be possible so I am just wishing and praying that he may also enjoy his day.

So that’s all! I can’t wait to share to you my new toy =) ‘Till my next post!