Hubby’s Birthday Present


2011 ENTRY #1

I am just “re posting” my old post about the best birthday gift ever I’ve ever received!


I am so happy. I am so excited! I am so lucky!

Look what I’ve got from hubby….a NIKON D5000 SLR!

I’ve been longing to have this, I am not expecting husband will give this on my birthday. It’s my no. 1 wish list and hubby granted it! I am really really happy! Thanks Dad, thank you Lord! I feel so blessed, all of my wish list was granted. I am actually not expecting anything, it’s just a wish and it just happened that God is so good to me. I maybe lonely because hubby is not here with us but God is not letting me feel totally sad. Now what? Hmmm time to explore, time to finally not just love taking pictures, but to become good in taking pictures. Hay yay yay….for now, I have to use ‘automatic mode’ =))

God luck to me! And thanks again DAD!! I LOVE YOU very much! mwah!

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3 thoughts on “Hubby’s Birthday Present”

  1. Wow same po pala tayo ng camera! 🙂 Mine is D5000 too, so far okay naman sya and very user-friendly. And since mid-level SLR sya, you’ll learn more while exploring the features.

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