1 Hayst what a day! I’m so tired….the AEROBICS I attended today is kinda different. More on taebo and it’s killing me but it’s great! I have lots of sweat! =P I tried another Gym last night it’s called “Tesuo Gym”, I wasn’t able to attend my aero class in the morning in Naturale Gym and Spa because my son is going to dance that time and I watched him. I still love “naturale gym” than this new. I dunno maybe I’m more at home there. But I enjoyed “tetsuo” anyway. I tried again another aero class this morning. It was just in the barangay plaza near my kids school and it only cost 35 pesos, same instructor from “Tetsuo gym” so almost same steps. Hays…am I killing myself? Attending gym or aero everyday except for saturdays and sunday, eating less rice in the morning and lunch, eating only oatmeal at night?! No I’m not! I am loving myself =P Wahahahah! Hopefully I could less gain this month. =) So what else? Oh, I am pissed with the guard in BPI concepcion branch. I am going to pay something thru BPI but since there are two kinds of BPI I asked him if the account number I am holding is in BPI or PBI Family, he answered it’s in BPI Family. So I rode a jeep to BAYAN to go to BPI FAmily Bank…Oh another story about riding the jeepney later. =P Guess what? When I entered BPI family, I asked the guard there if again, the account number I’m holding is for BPI Family bank, he replied it’s a BPI account. To my dismay I approached the teller already to confirm. And yes this second guard is right and I am so pissed with the other guard. I know it’s my fault not to ask the teller there but I am expecting the guards to know about it too! If that guard is not sure then why he answered me and gave me a wrong information!? =/ About the jeepney…..so I rode a jeep going to BAYAN, and when I checked my wallet gosh I only have 4 pesos coin left in my purse! The fare is 7 pesos! The heck! So I asked the driver if he has change fro 500 and he said none. I am suppose to go down from the jeep but there’s a good samaritan who offered to pay for my fare. Oh goodness thank you very much to him! I gave him my 4 pesos so he added only added 3 pesos. I owe him 3 pesos! =) What a morning! =)