Joining in this meme makes me learn more about myself. Every theme makes me realize some things I am not noticing about myself before. My worth as a woman, my accomplishments and my dreams. Today’s theme is so complicated for me. I don’t know how to measure spirituality. I don’t know hoe to define it though I know in myself that I love God, I appreciate every little things He has given me. I know He is my only savior and the only one who I could rely in every challenges and failure I’m experiencing. I remember when I was young, I am studying in a christian school, scholar of a Christian American. My mom and my other 3 siblings were in church every Sunday morning. My father is not coming with us. I don’t know why. We stopped going to church when my Papa died. Maybe because my mom is not in her good condition after losing my Papa. When I transferred to Laoag City, in my grannies house and studied there, I was still attending mass but I have no idea that it was Aglipay. I don’t know such religions yet. All I know is that I grew up going to church and attending daily vacation bible school every summer. There I knew God, I learned about Him, his creations, His words. I may not memorize what the Bible said nor the Ten commandments but I know the difference of wrong and right. I was also attending Catholic mass back then until I got married and got converted from “Aglipay” “base on my baptismal certificate” into “catholic” by another baptism. (It’s compulsory and I don’t care coz I love my husband and I want to marry him) =)
So what else can I say? I guess I am spiritual in my own understanding. I am now attending Sunday celebration in CCF (Christ Commission Fellowship), I love it and I remember my childhood again when I am seeing my kids enjoying the sunday school and learning about Jesus.
Hays…that’s a long story huh?! I am enjoying GT‘s topic too much! =)

See yah again next week! Happy GT to us!