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Joining in this meme makes me learn more about myself. Every theme makes me realize some things I am not noticing about myself before. My worth as a woman, my accomplishments and my dreams. Today’s theme is so complicated for me. I don’t know how to measure spirituality. I don’t know hoe to define it though I know in myself that I love God, I appreciate every little things He has given me. I know He is my only savior and the only one who I could rely in every challenges and failure I’m experiencing. I remember when I was young, I am studying in a christian school, scholar of a Christian American. My mom and my other 3 siblings were in church every Sunday morning. My father is not coming with us. I don’t know why. We stopped going to church when my Papa died. Maybe because my mom is not in her good condition after losing my Papa. When I transferred to Laoag City, in my grannies house and studied there, I was still attending mass but I have no idea that it was Aglipay. I don’t know such religions yet. All I know is that I grew up going to church and attending daily vacation bible school every summer. There I knew God, I learned about Him, his creations, His words. I may not memorize what the Bible said nor the Ten commandments but I know the difference of wrong and right. I was also attending Catholic mass back then until I got married and got converted from “Aglipay” “base on my baptismal certificate” into “catholic” by another baptism. (It’s compulsory and I don’t care coz I love my husband and I want to marry him) =)
So what else can I say? I guess I am spiritual in my own understanding. I am now attending Sunday celebration in CCF (Christ Commission Fellowship), I love it and I remember my childhood again when I am seeing my kids enjoying the sunday school and learning about Jesus.
Hays…that’s a long story huh?! I am enjoying GT‘s topic too much! =)

See yah again next week! Happy GT to us!

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5 thoughts on “GT : Spiritually Me”

  1. Taga Laoag pala ang family mo, sis?

    Well, ako rin naman noong bata, sumasama lang ako sa weekly novena kasi may free food. I guess sometimes kids don’t fully understand the whole thing yet, but as we get to grow old, doon talaga nafo-form ang stand natin when it comes to religion and spirituality.

    My GT post this week is up HERE.

  2. Parang narinig ko na yung Aglipay.. didn’t know na ibang group pala sila ng Christianity. Well for me, kahit hindi ka religious basta you have faith in what you believe in at hindi ka nakakasama sa kapwa mo, ay okay na yun. What matters is how/what we do to others. Ako din, since I got here naman, hindi nako nakakapag-simba. Medyo nag-iba na rin ang outlook ko when it comes to religion, but still hindi pa rin ako nakakalimot.

  3. we’re the same, sis, when we were still young. i used to go a lot to the church too (because my cousins and their parents make us go) and used to memorize all the praise and worship songs that you can think of 😀

    but as i grew older, i drifted away from religious activities more and more. but, like you, i still haven’t forgotten the main reason of doing all those activities: God 🙂

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