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I love myself! Financially? Uhmm…no, just myself! ahahahhaha =))

I am not working in the office  like any other mom out there but I do have income. I am a part time real estate agent. Working at home, online. Posting ads of house and lot, condominiums or lot only then receiving inquiries thru email and most often thru YM. I am only going out when meeting the clients for tripping schedule and reservation.

My income here depending how “sipag” I am…my target before is to sell worth 3M a month so I could have almost 90K income a month. God is good coz Ican be able to get that, but that’s only before recession comes. But it’s okay atleast I have income to help my husband in some expenses. My income is for our extra expenses like tuition fee, vacation, and for emergencies. If I am not earning, we will not be able to buy things we wanted to have for our kids like toys, etc. My husband’s salary is only good for our monthly expected expenses.

I am not earning stable like any other employee but I can say being in real estate is quite good enough for me. Selling is really my forte. I was a teacher before and my income was so darn low. Can’t even buy my underwear. =P In real estate, (hindi naman sa pagmamayabang) I can even cash my kids’ tuition fee =)

It’s better that both parents are working, but being a mom, staying in an office for 8-10 hours s really a hard situation for us thinking if our kids are doing fine with their yayas. My mom was the one taking care of them when I was in the office before and I feel like my salary is not worth it not to be with my new born baby but I have ni choice but to work. I just stopped when I got pregnant with my son and I need to resign due to sensitive pregnancy. That is a blessing in disguise coz I thought of doing part time job that doesn’t need to wake up early everyday and tear my heart everytime we say bye bye to our little ones. I started in direct selling then finally enjoyed real estate not to mention paid posts in blogging =)

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  1. wow sis ang laki ng pera pala sa real estate. you beat people working abroad pa nga hehehe! nag apply ako niyan recently as partime lang daw na agent pero wala pa akong binta kasi ang hirap eh hehehe! Just want to try lang!Happy GT

  2. Wow bago 🙂 tanong ko ok ba wordpress? at mabalik sa entry mo. Naku I’m very proud of you, just reading your stories and looking at your shououts on FB, I know you’re doing well. Keep it up Jes! God is good!

  3. thanks for taking time just to give an insight on wordpress, I will be changing my domain din kasi next week, tapos gusto ko din mag tayo ng isa pang blog. good luck sa atin 😀

  4. mahirap talaga ang wala sa bahay ng all day kapag me baby. kaya nga since Wrozlie was born, di na ako nag work. It’s pretty difficult, but at least, i can see my kids grow up,and I can tell people when my kids started crawling, or had their first set of teeth, or when they took their first step and all that kind of precious moments di ba? Ang laki pala ng kita sa real state? sosyal ka!

  5. hi jes, ang galing mo naman sales person! you earn enough to pay your kids’ tuition fees in cash! kaya pala dati, di ba nasilip ko, cash mo binayaran un? hahaha! keep it up! ano ba real estate company hawak mo? me website ka ba so I can check on them too?

  6. malaki nga ang kita sa real estate, especially if you’re a smooth talker. hehe. glad that you find something profitable to do while you’re at home.

    see ya next week! 😉

  7. hi, i really can imagine how i am while i was reading this post of yours. I am a working mom. Its just me, my son and hubby at home and I am totally dependent on my yaya. Since Feb of this year, i have changed my yaya so many times because they would either resign or just leave without permission. And everytime this happens, I really wanted to resign from my job. Its just we will not have enough for our daily living if I will resign. I am into blogging right now and I am still gauging if it will be enough for us should i resign. I hope you can give me more advise.

    And its really heart breaking when I leave my little one everyday so I can go to work. Hearing him cry behind the door really wants me to go back to the house and not leave anymore. But because of our financial need, i have to drag my feet going to work everyday.

    Please visit my other blog as well.

  8. i am a working mom too but lucky i can work from home though I have to be online for 8 hours to work. D nga kaya pag isa lang ang nagtatrabaho sa hirap ng buhay ngayon.

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