Girls Talk

Wow congratulations to our new host and to GT winner Fhedz! =) Hooray!
I almost forgot to join today….Just got home from watching ECLIPSE and I miss FB so I checked it and thanks to Enchie’s post! ;D

So…were talking about body huh!?! Oh well….next topic please! Just kidding! =))

What do you think of me?! heheheh =))
Actually just started to appreciate my body kung kailan nagkaaanak ako at ang laki na ng tinaba ko….still thinking why?

(Taken last June 5 @ pico de loro’s children’s shower/locker room)

Imagine I started to wear swimsuit just this year. I just started wearing shorty shorts when I begin to wear swim suits. Golly.
I was so skinny when I was still single, but I never thought of wearing swimsuits or shorts coz my legs are not flawless! When got married and had my kids, I still don’t have the guts to wear those not until this time =P
Obviously…I love myself. Look at me taking pic of myself =)
I love everything in ME =)
Even I’m fat and has almost 5 kl belly, I still love myself. Even if I have no beautiful and flawless legs, I still love its shape =) I LOVE myself from top to legs except my feet ehehehe =))
Oh well…can’t do anything about it so I have no choice but to love it! Lols.
All in all I still LOVE myself no matter how it looks like. It is ME, it was given by God. Though sometimes I admit I hate myself when I feel like my husband is not proud of me. =( But I’m sure I was just thinking about it. Insecure?! =P Oh I hate that feeling!