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Wow congratulations to our new host and to GT winner Fhedz! =) Hooray!
I almost forgot to join today….Just got home from watching ECLIPSE and I miss FB so I checked it and thanks to Enchie’s post! ;D

So…were talking about body huh!?! Oh well….next topic please! Just kidding! =))

What do you think of me?! heheheh =))
Actually just started to appreciate my body kung kailan nagkaaanak ako at ang laki na ng tinaba ko….still thinking why?

(Taken last June 5 @ pico de loro’s children’s shower/locker room)

Imagine I started to wear swimsuit just this year. I just started wearing shorty shorts when I begin to wear swim suits. Golly.
I was so skinny when I was still single, but I never thought of wearing swimsuits or shorts coz my legs are not flawless! When got married and had my kids, I still don’t have the guts to wear those not until this time =P
Obviously…I love myself. Look at me taking pic of myself =)
I love everything in ME =)
Even I’m fat and has almost 5 kl belly, I still love myself. Even if I have no beautiful and flawless legs, I still love its shape =) I LOVE myself from top to legs except my feet ehehehe =))
Oh well…can’t do anything about it so I have no choice but to love it! Lols.
All in all I still LOVE myself no matter how it looks like. It is ME, it was given by God. Though sometimes I admit I hate myself when I feel like my husband is not proud of me. =( But I’m sure I was just thinking about it. Insecure?! =P Oh I hate that feeling!

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11 thoughts on “GT : I Love ME =)”

  1. oist ang sexy mo ha… wish ko ganyan katawan ko 🙂 tagal nko hindi nakaka blog hop. Buti nga nakasali ako uli sa GT.

  2. You are beautiful just the way you are dearie ~mwah! and you know what? I also saw Eclipse today too. So ur a dan of the Twilight series as well? 🙂 How did you like it? and are u Team Edward or Jacob? hehe

  3. kabog ako sa sheer cover-up! witwiw! grabe hindi ko kaya magsuot nyan. huhu. baka kahit nakaharap ako akala nila nakatalikod dahil sa walang boobs. haha!

    thanks for joining GT this week! hope to you again next week! *hugs*

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