Wow! This topic is kinda hard =P

What can I say about me mentally? Hmm….let me think carefully ehehehehe…

Oh well I can say that I am in an average category. I am not that intelligent but I was an honor student back when I was in  kinder and in high school.

Except during elementary and college. I am not that competitive anymore. I am a working student that time and I was so focused in my work to earn for my college tuition and allowances aside from thinking and giving some help for my family ( I am a bread winner too).

So what else I could say? Aside from having a sense of humor and common sense?

I remember my father saying when he was still alive, that I am intelligent and malayo daw ang mararating. Same with other people observing me when I was still young, they keep on saying that I am intelligent and I will become rich someday. Somehow, those words from other people makes you think you really are Intelligent honor=) But the truth is….I am not. I just have positive view =)