GT: I Love Me – Mentally


Wow! This topic is kinda hard =P

What can I say about me mentally? Hmm….let me think carefully ehehehehe…

Oh well I can say that I am in an average category. I am not that intelligent but I was an honor student back when I was in  kinder and in high school.

Except during elementary and college. I am not that competitive anymore. I am a working student that time and I was so focused in my work to earn for my college tuition and allowances aside from thinking and giving some help for my family ( I am a bread winner too).

So what else I could say? Aside from having a sense of humor and common sense?

I remember my father saying when he was still alive, that I am intelligent and malayo daw ang mararating. Same with other people observing me when I was still young, they keep on saying that I am intelligent and I will become rich someday. Somehow, those words from other people makes you think you really are Intelligent honor=) But the truth is….I am not. I just have positive view =)

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11 thoughts on “GT: I Love Me – Mentally”

  1. Common Sense- That’s the one I missed out on my entry. Good thing you mentioned it Jes. I’ve always seen you as a positive person. Keep it up.

  2. Wow, sis nakayanan mo pa maging honor student.. kahit working ka ah! Ako Elementary lang, nawala na High School ,hahaha! But belong to pilot section.. Positive outlook yong din ang weapon ko sis.. Good Luck sis, Happy GT!

  3. you know what they say, common sense is not that common. LOL. so it’s already a gem that you have it (i sometimes don’t have it, ya know. LOL)

    lurve your old pics! i suddenly miss going up the stage during recognition/graduation. tee hee

  4. You would be surprised but there are so many people who don’t even have common sense, so you should be proud of ourself. Plus having a sense of humor is one of the highest quality I see in people 😉

  5. me too average student lang ako… di ko kasi sineryoso ang pag-aaral ko, basta wag lang bumagsak, ok na.

    First time ko ba dito? anyway, nilipat ko na rin ang aking fabmomma blog sa wordpress.. kaya dun mo ko bisitahin paminsan minsan oki

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