It’s wednesday today and it’s couple’s corner’s day!

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So I’m out and He’s incharge huh? Actually I am having a hard time doing that. Especially if I was just going to a party or something. I know he can handle the kids but sometimes I am worried. But this situation often happens during weekends but not at night. Weekend is my days of work. Weekend is my usual tripping schedule in real estate. I am out for few hours and after my work I am rushing home already to check my “mag-aama”. Good thing we we’re living with his parents kaya may kasama siya. He’s lucky coz he can still play “dota” in his computer or watch NBA. I’m worried about the kids messing up the room. Since husband is busy with his own stuff, and kids know that he’s not strict with “making kalat” of the toys they will bring down the toys and play with it without putting them back to their places.

I never experienced going out for a girls night out and leave the kids with him. I don’t why I am so guilty doing that. I am so guilty going out enjoying there while he’s at home taking care of my kids. In this case I feel like he’s so unfair when he is going out alone.

Oh well, I know that we can’t go out together all the time, I know sometimes that we have to give ourselves some ‘Me time” but I can’t do it. I always wanted to go with him and hang out with him. I always wanted to experience new things with him. But that’s not happening all the time and I have to learn that fact. (I’m actually starting to learn now.)

I have to learn and accept that sometimes “I am In and he is Out” and I have to teach myself that “I can be OUT while he is IN”.

Happy Couple’s Corner Everyone! =)