President Noy Innauguration = No Classes

No classes today…I wanted to bring my kids somewhere it’s just that I’m worried bout the weather. The weather is stormy…It’s not a god idea to bring them to the park coz we don’t have our own car. I was thinking of something for my kids but I guess we should stay and rest inside the house. I
also wanna go out…I’m bored. If only I could watch movie in theater alone, I will just watch alone. But watching alone is boring! I need somebody or anybody who could watch with me. Hays…I miss my husband! =(
Categories: my little angels

10 thoughts on “President Noy Innauguration = No Classes”

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  3. Mahirap nga po pag walang car and it’s heavily raining outside. Lalo na sa season ngayon dito sa Philippines, Sobrang hassle lumabas, nakakastress lang. šŸ™‚ Kaya I bought bingo cards para may mapaglibangan naman kaming magpipinsan while staying ta home lang. šŸ™‚

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