mommy moments

Hi there everyone…I thought father’s day theme was last week ahahha daddy moments pala yun…mali title ko =)

Nweis, I don’t have any post bout father’s day coz I have posted it already. Just wanna dedicate this blog to my husband who’s in US now.

Kids are missing their “daddy and kids moments” for few days now…. it’s hard to be apart from your husband same with daddy from his kids. Husband said he’s missing our kids already. He’s so LOVING and CARING father to our kids. I’m sometimes sad because he’s not here when his kids are looking for him, but I am trying to be strong for them, keep on saying to them that daddy isn’t home yet but soon we will be together again there in US already. Been thinking positive for my kids. We wanted to be together already. We were missing each other so much. Hoping and praying that we process our papers already, approve our VISA and earn ‘pamasahe’ as soon as we can =) God Bless Us.

(our family pic taken at the airport 6/19/2010 4:30 am)

That’s all!!! Again HAPPY FATHER’s DAY to my husband and to all the father’s out there!