mommy moments

Father’s day is on Sunday and unfortunately we can’t celebrate it that day coz he just flew to US this morning. But it’s okay we already celebrated it before he leave.

Here’s our shot last friday night. I brought a cake for him, I have no time to buy or make a card coz we’ve been together the whole day for almost a week before he flew to US.
He enjoyed some of his time with us and the kids. He is such a good father of my kids. He is sweet and loving to his children. He’s supposed to be on leave for a week before he left unfortunately he has s many things to do that week. He just spent his time with his kids by bringing and fetching them to school once, and we also watched toy story3 while we were in Makati doing his stuff. Since he wanted to spent quality time with our kids, we were just bringing them to wherever we go for 2 days. My husband is such a wonderful daddy. My kids are lucky having a father like him.
We are sad not to be with him for a moment. I don’t know how long we will be missing him but I am standing strong for our kids and for our future. I know he’s also missing us especially our kids. He’s sad to leave first but he has no choice but to go without us yet coz it’s work. We will soon be there with him in US but we have to wait for 2-3 months. That’s quite long. Hope God give us both strength and good health. We will miss our daddy so much!
Happy Father’s day DADDY CARLOS…We love you!!!!!