Woot! Girls talk! I am joining again! Woo hoo!
I was looking at the topics and I was saying to myself, gosh these are all girly stuff! =P I don’t have them! =) Ahahahah!
Just kidding of course I have these stuff. I have SUNSILK Shampoo and Conditioner, Dove soap or sometimes Papaya soap =)
I can’t take pics right now coz our bathroom is not in a good condition eheheheh =P
Oh well. what else inside my shower loot? Hmm….my shaving cream =P Aside from those, nothing else!
hahahhahah! I am laughing at myself right now coz untill now I am not particular with beauty products. I can use any brand that’s inside the bathroom whenever I don’t have stock anymore. But not for my kids..I don’t use just any kind of soap for them. I only use johnsons milk bath or soap for them =)
So that’s all I guess…till next time! =))
See yah in Girls Talk! =)