Gosh! Vanity kit?! I’m surely a girl but I am not into make ups….I am putting some occasionally or when needed.
I remember buying one when my daughter turned two but I gave them to my sister in law. My daughter loves putting make up that time. My mom-in-law initiated it and now she’s addicted with it. But like what I have said I am not into make ups, so I guess she forgot about it already. =P
But of course as a woman I needed something that could make me feel fresh, look and smells good all the time.
Here’s some of my stuff to enhance my natural beauty. (naks) =P

If there’s one thing I wouldn’t want to run out, it’s the deodorant, next is lotion. They are the two important things inside that vanity kit.
I can’t live the day without deodorant haha I don’t want my armpit to perspire all day. Hahaha!
Lotion coz my skin is dry. Of course comb is important too.
Others were mascarra incase I need it. 2 kinds of lipstick, 1 for occassion, 1 for ordinary day if I want to apply some. Eyeliner, lip balm, blush on, toothbrush (no toothpaste coz it might spill in my bag), powder, cologne and mirror (the small round thing with hubby and I pics I ordered from artscow).

That’s all! =)