Hi yah everyone! Miss you all! I miss Mommy Moments!
I saw Mommy Jac’s post in FB that’s why I remembered to make an entry! =P

My daugter ISHI, my son ETHAN and ME in our hats!
Whoa! Motherhood! I can’t define what a motherhood really is and I also can’t define how happy and contented and fulfilled am I ever since I became a mother!
Being a mom is like having an enormous talent! A huge gift by God you’re sure to be proud of.
I feel so blessed having these little angles. I feel so valuable being their mom.
When I became a mom, there are lot of things that changed in me.
I became braver and stronger. I have learned eating foods that I can’t intake before just to become a role model for them. I stopped saying bad words, I stopped smoking. I stopped drinking as in getting drunk but I am still drinking occasionally. I can wear dress now because my daughter loves seeing me in dress =) I started buying make ups. I started taking care of my hair and grow it long again. Ahahahah! Funny right! My daughter taught me how to become a woman. My husband also helped me to act like one but it doesn’t work that much. I am so cowboy and I am not into fixing/decorating myself.

Ishi and Me in Blue =)

When my daughter Ishi turned 2 and started to appreciate long hairs, make ups, girls wearing dresses which for her is like a princess, I started to appreciate those girl-y stuff.

Me and my son Ethan =)

When my son Ethan came into our life. I felt more complete! I feel like my husband and I were so blessed having a girl then a boy. My son is so sweet. He’s thoughful. He’s very funny like his ate. He’s already three but he’s still a BABY for me =)

Motherhood for me is Wonderful. Fantastic. Awesome. Artistic. Challenging. New LIFE.