Whoa!!! It’s getting hot in here….Are you asking which part of my body is the sexiest? Aw!

I don’t actually know what part ahhaha! But if I am going to base it on other’s feedback..I guess it’s my ‘Braso” (what is it in english again? ehhehe). My hubby find it very attractive as well as for other people maybe that’s why I love to wear sleeveless blouse. I was very flattered when I posted my pic here last week wearing swim suit and you (those who commented) find my legs sexy. Actually this was the first time someone complimented my legs though I am not considering it sexy. Haha! Thanks anyway! Maybe because that was my first time to show legs or perhaps my legs were just photogenic haha! ANyways…hope you find my “braso” sexy too! ahahha =)