Hi Everybody!!! Do you mind if I join! This meme is kinda exciting! I’ve been gone for almost 2 months in blogosphere and I guess I’ve missed so much fun! So here I am again….

Just in time when pehpot told me about this meme…the theme is FLESH! oHhh wow! That is a cute theme! Some girls really love to show some flesh for we sometimes think it’s a self esteem booster. I, myself thinking that way. I feel beautiful when I am wearing sleeveless or backless but never tried showing my cleavage coz I don’t have one! ahahhahah! =P I’ve been dreaming of wearing skirts, or dress above the knee and swim suit….but I never had a gut to do it except for wearing a swim suit. At my age, and knowing that I already have two kids, I never ever imagined I can still wear a swim suit. But believe it or not! I wore it just last month! Here’s my pic….

(kinda blurry…buti nalang!)

This is my first time to wear swim suit and everybody was reacting when they saw it in my facebook account =P Hope it’s not that masagwa. Happy girls talk everyone!