Rodliz’s Nest

I was thinking what I should do today…I know there’s a meme every wednesday but I was confused though there were only three meme’s I am joining ahahah! “Ulyanin na talaga!”
Anyways I’m here humahabol! ahahahha =)) What a topic! This could make my mind think ehehehe that’s rare! Ahahahhah!
Kidding aside…what sacrifices can I say for my loveones? I can say being a mom I sacrificed all my gimicks. Same with being a WIFE. How come wives cannot just go out if hubby is at home. For example when hubby is on leave unexpectedly, I can’t just go out even I already do have plans. Tendencies were, I have to cancel my appointment just to be with him on his leave. Gosh! That’s a sacrifice for me. We, as women, as mom, as wife has a lot of things to sacrifice though Men sacrificing too. They were limiting their time with their barkadas, they can’t just spent their money because they do have responsibilities even though they want to buy a new pants or shoes. My husband is like that…What else did I sacrificed? I am not “maluho” when I was single so I didn’t sacrifice any material thingy. Actually I started to go out, gimiks,shopping just when I started to earn. I can’t think of any sacrifices right now coz I am contented and happy being with my husband.