Rodliz’s Nest

Whew! Good thing about blog hopping is that you discover new things. Look at this meme…just in time for me who’s very in love with her hubby! Hahahahha!!! Imagine we’re married for almost 5 years and the last time I got jealous was during our boyfriend and girlfriend relationship and imagine I was having this kind of feeling again this year. Gosh I feel like going back to sweet nothing moments hahaha!
Anyways, this week’s topic is interesting. Bedtime Habits huh? My dirty mind is imagining too much. Ahahahahha! Actually we don’t have much bonding moments together alone since kids and Us were in one room together. We have to beds, isang mataas isang mababa. I used to sleep sa ibaba…putting my kids to bed muna before I transfer beside my husband. Before that, we’re playing with the kids since hubby is at work the whole day, he has to give some time with our kids first. I don’t wanna go to bed with him without taking a bath (girlscout laging handa! lols). Our sleeping suits were just simple. I am wearing shorts and sleeveless while him was just wearing boxers. I prefer to sleep wearing sleeveless coz I love hugging him feeling his body =) Hmmm…it’s warm kasi lamigin ako ahahahh! =) I also love to use his arm as my pillow.
Okay that’s all for now!!! ahahahha more more more loving loving next week!!!