I am so happy that we finally paid 18 months down payment of our condo this month. On the other hand I am also nervous because we only have six months left to prepare for our miscelleneous fees. As I have said before we need to pay our Miscellaneous fees before they turn over our condo to us on May next year. What’s being nervous about this is that we still don’t have money on hand for this. Though I am hoping I could get all my collectibles before May so I could possibly pay it on time but still there is no security that I could get it in time that I’ll be needing it. I think I’ll be needing a back up plan or I need someone who can lend me money for the meantime. Despite all these problems, I am more excited than problematic. Yeah I am very excited! I am very happy for we have this kind of investment. I am excited to finally soon have our own. As in we already have fruits of labor. I am very proud of my husband. Because of him, we can be able to pay it. Hope we could still pay the succeeding balance in God’s help and guidance in the future. I am trying my best to help my husband with our finances and I am glad God is giving me what I am praying to him. I am thankful to our Lord for being very kind to me and to my family. I am looking forward to our condo’s turn over next year coz I can’t wait to see it interior designed. If ever we have budget that time I will surely hire real property management for it. I wanted it to be a perfect unit for our future student tenants. =)