It’s been a week now since Typhoon Ondoy strike in our country and until now, people were still on it’s way of recovering from the devastating results it has given to most of our country men. There were still more areas affected that still needed some help, they are still asking for food and some clothes for all of their things were destroyed by floods. Good thing our Government and some associations are more willing to help to our fellow countrymen. There are medical assistants patrolling in different areas. Some associations were still in the process of packing some relief goods and clothes. There are also some people still begging for some help but not assisted yet. Hope they will be assisted soon. I have watched the news this evening and I saw the families of the dead victims, how sad that it has to end this way. If only they were found earlier and assisted by parimedics or medical assistant, they would probably alive now. But that life is. Hope the Government will enhance their facilities, hope to have more medical assistant in every area whenever there’s a bad weather like this. Hope this will not happen again. God Bless Us.