Have you ever feel this way before? Feeling so down, depressed, insecure and everything?!? Most of the people I know telling me i am just stressed? Stressed of what? Financial matters? Is that normal for being stressed to act this crazy way? Is it normal for a stressed like me to feel like my husband is cheating on me? I know he’s not but my feelings are telling me he’s hiding something. What would it be then? I know it’s just a feeling, I should not trust this feeling maybe I am just insecure. Do you know the feeling of being paranoid but you can’t tell you husband because you can’t even find any evidence that he’s doing it? I am so confused about how I feel. My mind can’t tell me that my husband is doing something wrong coz first of all, he has no other activities than playing billiards every friday after work and coming home at four in the morning. He’s still sweet though not as sweet as what I ever wanted. Opps maybe that’s the problem, I am not contented of what he can do for me. Oh I am sorry for that my deary husband! I know you are such a good husband, it’s so unfair in your part that I am not trusting you while you are doing your best for this family. I am sorry for being paranoid! I am sorry for being so selfish! I am sorry for being so so so unfair. Oh Gosh, whats happening to me? I am really sorry. I think we should really have a vacation as what you have suggested earlier. I think I really need that. How I wish we could go have some time alone like san diego weddings on a boat. That is so romantic! I wanted to experience some trips inside our country like San Diego Dinner cruises. But sorry for myself coz my kids doesn’t have semestral break because of typhoon Ondoy! Hope we could set a trip this summer.