I’ve been wanting to have my own site for very long time but now that we already have one, we can’t able to update it yet because hubby and I were so busy with so many things as of now. We purchased it on cash for 2 years package and it’s been a month now, our website is still not up. It’s not the provider’s fault actually, it’s ours. We purchased but we are not using it yet so it’s still useless! I hope hubby could have some time with it. Me, either is so busy to update it. I have my kids, my husband, my work and myself to take care of. I can’t even cut my kids’ fingernails, now I feel so guilty coz I managed to go to the parlor and have my hair rebonded while my son’s nail is so long now. My bad! Anyways with regards with my site, I really wanted to use it already coz we’re wasting money for a month now! Some people were saying it’s expensive. butI don’t know coz I don’t have any idea! My husband is the one who manage all of those. I heard about the yahoo domains too, some friends were saying they were cheaper compare to others but too late coz we already have one!