Last weekend’s experience is surely one of our most unforgettable experience. An experience that we wouldn’t like to experience again! This is tragic! I was stranded in Caloocan that day, I rushed my Son Ethan to San Lazaro Hospital due to Cat Bite even the rain is so heavy. I didn’t know that anti rabies injection can be given within 14 days coz If I knew that, I will not go out from the house especially with a child with me in that kind of weather. But since I never expect that this typhoon will bring such disaster in our country, I still insisted to go to the hospital for I am really panicking about my son’s cat bite. I am calmed when we finally had a jeep to ride on going to Monumento coz I am desperate to ride any route as long as I can reach San Lazaro Hospital. When we reached Monumento, the floods were all over the streets. No more passenger jeepneys to any route. No other choice but to ride a train even if the station were still far from the hospital. I carried Ethan going to the station, we passed through the overflowing flood all over the streets in Monumento circle. That is quite a challenge but I am afraid if I slip or something coz I am with my son. After riding a train, we just walked back to San Lazaro hospital, it was 3 blocks far from the train station. Same in Monumento it was also flooded. It’s like were in a river! Even inside the hospital were all flooded! What a disaster! After Ethan’s injection we walked again to ride a train but not going home coz we’ll surely can’t go home. There is no way. So i decided to go to my Aunt’s house in 2nd Avenue Caloocan. We stayed there until Sunday even if I wanted to go home to do my opp reviews in provillus. We tried to go home last Saturday night but we failed. The jeepneys were all retreating. The roads going to Malabon were all flooded and not passable. Thank God the rain stopped already. What if it last for two or three days? What will happen next? What will happen to all the people especially to those who were stranded in the middle of floods and in their roofs? That is really tragic.