Got My New Set Of Personal Checks

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Last year my husband and I opened a joint checking account for our Condo. It’s been over a year now and we just used them all this month. Actually we were supposed to use it only for our condo amortization but since I found using checks so convenient. I don’t have to bring cash on hand whenever I need to pay something. Before I used all of my checks, I already ordered new set and this time a personal checks where our names were printed there. I am so excited to use it, though I don’t want expenses ehehehhe =) Just wanted to use it when needed. I am actually using it when I am issuing my daughter’s tuition and my brother’s tuition in college. It’s better to use a check as long as you have funds in your account. I am fond of using checks when I started to become a Realtor. My commissions were all paid thru check. I prefer to receive a check from my boss than cash. But I’d rather accept cash from people who I can’t trust than check. There are lots of people who had been victimized by scammers. They were using checks in paying goods not knowing these accounts were already closed. So beware.
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  1. I have yet to see my personal check, na-excite naman tuloy ako đŸ™‚ I left UK a day before it arrived sa bahay namin dun, and Mom left it naman pagdating nya dito. So makikita ko lang sya ulit pagbalik ko in November.

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