Last month husband and I watched transformer2 @ Trinoma. We haven’t watch in a movie house for more than two years now. We’re contented downloading movies in the net because movie houses is kinda pricey. But this time we can’t afford not to watch Transformers in Cinema. We don’t wanna miss this thing. We didn’t plan to watch it actually, Hubby took a sick leave that day and we went to chinese hospital for check up. Since it was only a pharyngitis I asked him to watch transformers. And he agreed, I know how much he wants to see this movie. I didn’t know that day was premiere day that’s why there’s so many people watching that day. I really miss watching in Cinema!

Last Sunday, JULY 12, we also watched Ice Age3 at SM Valenzuela, this is a very important date for my family coz it’s my kidsfirst Movie in Movie House! Hooray to my kids! Ishi was so amazed while entering the cinema. She loves to watch movie at home that’s why we thought of bringing her already in movie house. It’s Ethan that is not ready yet. He can’t stay long inside the Cinema, he wants to do something else already than watching. Hope to bring them again in cinema and watch a movie they really want. Hoping Ethan will appreciate it soon. I am so happy for their first Movie House experience.

I am now planning to watch Harry Potter this time. I know my husband would love to see this too. Let’s just hope and pray we have money that day! =) God Bless!