Kids and I made a very special gift for their daddy for Father’s Day celebration I thought it was today, Sunday June 14, 2009. Because of too much excitement, I didn’t doubled check if the father’s day was really today and I asked the kids to greet their daddy and give their gift this morning. My mom in-law told me that father’s day celebration is on the third week of June so I am kinda 1 week early. But that’s okay, we can still give another surprise gift on that day. I am also thinking of giving him a Foot Spa and a whole body massage at home on that day so I really have to get ready for that hehehehe that is so tiring for my part. But that’s okay as long as he fnish my website already eheheh =) but too sad he’s not going to pursue it anymore because a friend has a better proposal. She’s going to help me make a simple website that doesn’t need an html code and a programmer to finish it. She also knows a dedicated server that can do web hosting for affordable and flexible payment. I also heard about this green hosting and honestly I don’t have any idea about it. I am not good at it so I am always asking my husband about such things. For now, am still thinkng about it. For now, I am busy preparing for my daughter’s schooling. I am also planning to enroll my 2 and half year old son as “saling pusa” at Sto. Nino Tutorial School where Ishi studied last year as “saling pusa” too. Hereally wants to go to school already but I am worried coz he’s too young to atend school, what do you think? Anyway I am still thinking about it yet, but I am planning to have him a unform already incase he really wanted to go to school this year. Oh my gosh, I be starting to get busy on Monday, I’ll be the one to bring Ishi to school, and instead of going home, I’m planning to go to the gym while waiting for her. My mom will accompany my other child to school if ever. So please bear with me guys, I may not visit you most of the time but I’ll try to get intouch still.