Hello fellow bloggers! How’s life going on now? I am sure everybody is busy with their students now like me. I am very busy during weekdays preparing and budgeting their lunchpack. My kiddos were both going to school now, Ishi is nursery at La Cabecera Montessori and my son Ethan who’s only 2 and half years old is also attending school already. He’s just a “saling pusa” just like her Sister Ishi last year. He really wants to go to school also like her ate eventhough he can’t speak properly yet. I am also busy during weekends, I am a realtor and most of my tripping schedules were weekends so I am very busy all week long. One more thing why I can’t blog that much is because my pc is not functioning again! Gosh, I think I really need a new as is “brand new” computer already (sigh!). Anyway, I am using my husband’s laptop as of the moment while he’s here. He didn’t go to the office because he’s not feeling well. I think that’s because we’re all very tired this weekend. We celebrated Father’s Day last Saturday and Sunday. We attended anticipated mass last Saturday and went to MOA last Sunday. And noe, my husband and my daughter were both sick. My husband said we has sick because he wasn’t able to play his weekly basketball game because he was assigned to look after the kids while I am not around. Poor daddy, he doen’t have too much time for himself anymore. He can’t even play any games like this multiplayer games online just perfect for him. He loves billiards, basket ball, and some online games but he can’t play anymore because he has to prioritize his work for our kiddos. Hope he could spent sometime for himself sometime.