What a good friday! Everyone is busy in church, some are just staying home and some are spending time in a beach or resort to use their holy week vacation. Yesterday we just stayed home, watching some old movies about Jesus. Bond with the kids and do some scrapbooking. Today is really a good friday. We spent half of our day in Angel Anne’s Resort near our place. Just the four of us, my daughter, my son and my husband. Our children really had fun! Its nice to go out with the whole family, I love seeing them enjoying, bonding! My daughter doesn’t want to go home anymore, she said she wants to live there! She really loves swimming pool even she was already shaking because the water is so cold! The place is really nice, it’s decorated with different cartoon, very colorful. I know another resort that is surrounded of wood furniture. I think they were all antique, we’re suposed to be in there because it’s also near from our place but I chose Angel Ann’s because of the theme.