Hooray! At last I have finished my first ever 8*8 30 pages scrapbook project “Ishi’s 3rd Birthday“. I have it printed at artscow for only $17.49 instead of $23.97 (shipping included), thanks to architect for her discount coupons! Here’s some of the coupons (listed below) you can use for discounts like what I just got! I saved $5.77! Credit cards and Paypal can be used for payments. Coupons can be use for checkout only! If you need some help in making your own scrap photo book, don’t hesitate to contact me, anytime if I am not busy =) My IM is jganlising. I love digi-scrapbooking ehehehehehe =) Try it sometimes! Register at artscow now and purchase their very affordable and very nice photobook! I also made a personal mousepad there for only $5.88 free shipping (promo only)! What a great buy! I am excited to have it already but i have to wait for 2-3 business days before it delivered. I will show you my photobook as soon as I get it! =)

Come and join me in artscow HERE!!!

Discount Coupons

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